Salman flies to Bodyguard sets

Pune: The Bollywood Macho star Salman Khan thought it was his job to come to the rescue of his brother-in-law, Atul Agnihotri, while there was some trouble on the sets of the film “Bodyguard”.

Salman was not needed on the sets that day, as the plan was to shoot the scenes with the solo of Kareena Kapoor. Unfortunately, the actress fell ill, and could not continue with the shootings. Then, 200 people would have been left just hanging around, as they not have had anything to do until the star arrived on the sets. Imagine the time wasted!

However, Salman showed presence of spirit and took a helicopter to arrive early on the sets, rushing from Jaipur back to Pune, where the shootings were being held. Agnihotri stated that Salman had saved the day, as Kareena stopped all shootings as was advised to stay in bed for two days.

The song will be filmed after Kareena fully recuperates. Until then, a day of shooting was saved, all thanks to Salman. Instead of Kareena’s solo, they shot Salman’s that day.

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