Salman keen to be a producer

Bollywood’s patented action hero is already making a lot of news and now there is more news flooding in about Salman Khan. In recent times, Salman has garnered a lot of popularity with his massively popular hits like Wanted, Dabangg and Ready. Salman is now already waiting for the release of Bodyguard which will be another action packed performance from his side and he will definitely kick some butt in the movie to impress the fans and audience who will go in to watch some stunning action scenes. salman khan producer

However, apart from all the action news that Salman is making there is more news that Salman is now keen to become a producer and he wants to remake Mahesh Manjrekar’s Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho in Hindi. Normally, Bollywood movies are inspired from the movies in down South, but Salman is hugely inspired by the way Mahesh Manjrekar has made the movie and provided facts about how students are forced under pressure to commit suicide by the education system and parents.

It has been known from the insiders that Salman is willing to produce the Hindi version of Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho under Salman Khan Being Human Productions banner and all the earnings of the movie will go towards Being Human charity foundation. So far the deal has not been confirmed but as per the news it is said that if the deal happens Salman will play the role of the father with two kids in the film. Insiders also claim that the lead female role will be played by Kangna Ranaut. However, it is still not sure when Salman will begin shooting for this one if the deal goes right because currently Salman is busy shooting for Ek Tha Tiger with Katrina Kaif, followed by Sher Khan and Dabangg 2. So, it looks like people waiting for the Hindi version will have to have some patience.

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