Salman Khan – 3 days in a tree

The famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan had to spend three days in a tree during the shooting of his latest picture. The name of this expected film is ‘Ready’ and the actor Salman Khan plays alongside actress Asin. It seems that the particular scene involved the two well liked actors. Asin had to run in the jungle, because she has being chased by Salman, and he decides to climb up a tree, with the other following him up close.

The entire duration of this particular scene was about three days. Even though the scene took very look to be shot, everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. There were many funny moments during the filming of this.

The actress Asin decided to climb up the tree herself, as it was a dream from her childhood to do that. The director agreed to this only after she was secured with a harness. The Bollywood actress Asin declared to be very happy because she made her childhood dream to come true.

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