Salman Khan – always surprising

The Bollywood super star Salman Khan can always be trusted to do weird things. As everyone knows, the actor has been the host of the TV reality show Bigg Boss for three month now. Ever since then he has been watching it constantly and is very much up to date with everything that happens in the house.

As the TV show will be ending in January, the actor has taken the decision to play the host of a big party with all of the contestants of Bigg Boss at his home in Bandra. Insiders have informed us that Salman Khan has contacted all the contesters who have been evicted from the house, even Hrishant Goswani.

Even though the Bollywood actor was more than disturbed with the comment made by Manoj Tiwari when he left the show, he will give him an invitation to the bash – Mahoj held Salman responsible for his eviction. Now we can only wait and see if Salman will actually manage to get together all of the contesters of Bigg Boss.

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