Salman Khan and his children

Mumbai: Salman Khan has always wanted to tie the knot and settle down, so that he can finally have children. Recently, the actor has lost his interest in getting married, and it seems that the reason for this sudden change is that he now has kids. Well, he doesn’t really have children of his own, but let’s look into it.

Salman Khan told DNA that he does not see any point in getting married, as it is the only proper way to have children. The actor has nieces and nephews, which he loves as if they were his own. Since he already has his children to look after and pamper, the entire concept of marriage loses its importance.

The actor has had his opportunities of marriage, and that with some of the most beautiful and attractive divas in Bollywood, making him the most talked about celebrity in the film industry.

His last relationship, with Katrina Kaif, was in the headlines constantly. Now the actor states that he will get married by the end of this year. The question is with whom?

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