Salman Khan and his feelings towards Asin

Mumbai: There is no secret that both Katrina and Ash were indeed formers flames of Bollywood’s macho man Salman Khan. But as it usually happens with flames, they are no history, and the actor is at the moment very much interested in Asin. Even though he stated that he is very busy with his career and that he is always doing shootings, it seems that he and Asin are getting along quite well.

In fact, many sources have informed us that the Bollywood actor is taking care of the young actress, more than one could expect him to. Just a few days ago, Salman and Asin have been on a safari in a National Park, which is a prove of the close friendship that the two share at the moment.

Even Asin herself has said that Salman was very attentive with her, and that she was well taken care of. Salman made sure that she was getting the right nutritious food and medicines, showing on this occasion a different side of his character.

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