Salman Khan doesn’t feel that SRK’s sorry is proper

Mumbai: we can all remember that the well liked Bollywood super star has apologized on TV to Salman Khan. We all would have expected for this sorry of SRK to touch the heart of Salman. However this was not the case, as the actor Sallu did not appear to be at all moved by this admission of guilt.

The muscle man actor of Bollywood has quite a reputation of not letting go that easy of a grudge. Salman does not appear to be ready yet to give his forgiveness to actor Shahrukh Khan. In fact he made it very clear that he did not accept the apology of his fellow colleague.

In a recent interview, the popular actor of Bollywood said that he does not feel that Shahrukh’ apology has been presented in a proper way. In his opinion, King Khan should had come to him or at least cal him to offer his sorry. The two have been upset with each other since last year, when at a party SRK made a remark on Salman.

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