Salman Khan, John Abraham fight

Mumbai: A few weeks ago, the rumors all over the press were related to a possible patch up between the two Bollywood celebrities called Salman Khan and John Abraham. However it seems that the press was way off on this issue, as the two tinsel town actors have not a close friendship relationship.

Salman Khan himself wanted to show the truth and accorded an interview on this matter. Sallu really wanted to point out the fact that what he and John Abraham share is for sure a strong chemistry, still it should not be confused with a friendship. The B-town super star Salman Khan also wanted to add the fact that there was not a patch up between them two, as they were never friends to begin with.

The only relationship that he and John Abraham shared was strictly a professional one, and nothing more. It seems that this statement came as a shock to John, but considering the past statement that Salman has made in the press, this is not so unusual.

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