Salman Khan -loud party

Mumbai: The Bollywood super star from Bollywood, Salman Khan has said that even if he will not cheer for the India team right from the stadium, he will be watching in front of the TV with his friends. In fact he even made the promise that if India will win the match he will throw a party. It seems that after the victory, Sallu and his friends head up to a pub in Bandra to celebrate the win of India.

A reliable source informed us that they were all dancing to the loud music, and even more, all of them were in high spirits. You can definitely understand why the residents from Bandra were not at all pleased with this situation. Even more, it appears that one of them called the cops, who came at the party hosted by Salman Khan.

Salman Khan’s mood to party was spoiled by the arrival of the cops, so the party ended right away and the famous Bollywood super star took the back door out.

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