Salman Khan puts on his dancing shoes for “Ready”

When it comes to dancing Salman Khan has always hTop of Formad his own signature style, whether it was the shirtless denim-clad Salman making women drool to ‘Oh Oh Jaane jana’ or the “Dabangg” Chulbul Pandey. Now our multi-talented Khan is going to explore yet another territory that is Choreography. He has expressed a keen desire to choreograph a song from his upcoming film ‘Ready’.

The song ‘Main karoon toh character saala dheela hai’ is said to have struck a chord with the actor and fascinated him to such an extent that he now wants to lend his dance moves to its making.

Reportedly a well-known choreographer was already on board when Salman Khan suggested to Director Anees Bazmi that he himself wanted to take over the choreographic reigns. He felt that this song reflected his own attitude to life and people’s reactions to him and his body language would get that across perfectly.

From acting to painting and now choreography, Salman Khan is definitely showing his fans a new facet of himself yet again. Convincing is yet another forte of his. We are sure Asin, his co-star in ‘Ready’, would agree after eating insects that he convinced her to on set.



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