Salman Khan: problems with ‘Ready’

Mumbai: The macho man of tinsel town, Salman Khan is not at all happy with the way that his film Ready is going. To be more accurate, Sallu was unhappy with the words of a song and it seems that he has told the musician to improve it. It appears that the Bollywood celebrity wanted to use the song ‘Ringa Ringa’ from the first Telugu movie and wanted to change it into ‘Dinka Chika’ for his next project ‘Ready’.

A source from the sets stated that Salman Khan usually gets what he wants. Not to mention the fact that he is rather close with the film producer of Ready, Brushan Kumar. Rumors are that the actor even called Kumar and said he will not film the song until the lyrics will be changed into something better.

In the end, Salman Khan talked things over with the musician Devi Sri Prasad and he re-recorded the song, which has the potential of being the next chartbuster. The Bollywood actor is determined to make it a smashing hit.

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