Salman Khan refuses Sonakshi Sinha

Mumbai: The latest rumors in the film industry of tinsel town are that the actor Salman Khan is not at all interested in Sonakshi Sinha. When he was offered to film a very intimate scene with the actress – in the upcoming movie production called Shotgun, Sallu said a very strong ‘no’. Sources have told us that Salman Khan was very disturbed when he saw the steamy scene between Ileana D’Cruz and Ravi Teja. He was so much annoyed that he even demanded that the scene to be changed right away.
There have been rumors in the past that the Bollywood actor Salman Khna was always cautious when it came to these scenes. However we cannot fail to notice that when the lovely Sonakshi Sinha is involved, he is what we can call over protective. Sources close to the macho man of Bollywood have said that he actually treat the actress like a child. This is the main reason why there was actually no physical intimacy between Sallu and Sonakshi in the movie production Dabangg.

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