Salman Khan refuses to be a superhero

Mumbai: Salman Khan is still riding high over his successful “Dabangg”. He did say that he is not interested in playing a superhero. Sohail Khan, the actor’s brother, is keen to get his Sallu in his flick as a superhero, but the actor does not seem to be very interested in this offer. “I am not interested in being a superhero. I don’t want to wear my underwear on the outside nor do I want to be bitten by a spider. I prefer being SAL-MAN.”

At the moment, Salman is the most “Wanted” actor in industry, ever since the smashing hit “Dabangg” was released. Now, he gets to be even pickier about his roles, and he can refuse to do a part, even in his own brother’s film. The part Salman was expected to play is that of a superspy with super powers. The shootings for the film will be done in several locations all around the world. It announces to be a very catchy, interesting espionage thriller, with a plenty of special effects.

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