Salman Khan – set to save the world

The Bollywood hunk Salman Khan is now going to conquer the internet. The Being Human Foundation, with which Salman Khan has been collaborating to help people in need, is about to launch its own website. Salman’s twitter micro-blog has been made with the purpose of requesting his fans to be part of Being Human and help the organization raise funds.

The simplest way people can do that is by buying Being Human watches. The collection for ladies is already on sale, and Sallu described it as being cheap, elegant and beautiful. The watches are also durable.

Some of the watches were designed by Salman himself. The watches, encrusted with Swarovski rocks and very colorful, start from the price of Rs. 7,500 and are available in different colors, including brown, red, purple and black.

The main goal of the Being Human Foundation website is coming to the aid of people who need it. Salman has been trying to raise funds with the foundation assiduously, and has organized dozens of events in order to accomplish that.


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