Salman Khan slapped a fan

Well, look who got angry and managed to reach the headlines once more! Yes, it’s Salman Khan! The actor lost his temper again when arriving at Anil Kapoor’s birthday party, this time because of a fan. Just outside Anil’s residence, the unfortunate fan got close to actor, hugged and kissed him, and thus the actor slapped the poor fan.

An eyewitness later talked to press. It seems that the incident happened just a couple of moments after the actor had arrived to the party. Anil Kapoor received the actor who came with his father, and escorted Salim in the house. Catching Salman for a moment alone, the man made his move. The fan seems to have somewhere around 25 years and is called Ajay.

Without even taking as much as a breath, Salman slapped Ajay. The latter was in shock when he received was hit.

Anil Kapoor came to see what was taking Salman so long to come in. After this, Salman went inside and enjoyed the rest of the night with the other guests.

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