Salman Khan the new King of Bollywood

Mumbai: The film industry of tinsel town is apparently once again in the reset mode. The latest buzz in Bollywood is that the power equations are about to be realigned and so are its representatives. As you may have noticed, Salman Khan’s increasing popularity and the box office credentials have once again changed the power dynamics in B-town.

As of a few weeks ago, it is more than obvious that every producer, advertiser, and sponsor wants the well liked actor to be on his side. This recent craze for this popular Khan has rapidly surged making his rivals in the industry wonder about this unexpected turn of events.

According to a Bollywood observer, it seems that this change in Salman Khan’s life havened with the film called ‘Wanted’. Later on , his stocks have been even more consolidated with the film ‘Dabangg’ and it appears that his upcoming movie production ‘Ready’ is destined to take the actor to yet another level.

Compared with Aamir and SRK’s, their productions have not made such a national craze as Sallu’s projects. The Bollywood observer said that “The euphoria generated by Salman has placed him much ahead of all the other Khans in town. And unlike before, Salman is making the most of these good times to further strengthen his grip over Bollywood by choosing to sign films only with select banners.”

The forthcoming movie production which stars this Bollywood hunk already announces itself to be a smashing box office hit. If this turn out to be true, this will represent the third hit in a row for this well liked Bollywood actor. No doubt that he will soon be called the ‘King of Bollywood’, title which will probably suit actor Salman Khan better than others from the film industry. But only time will tell.

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