Salman Khan to break world record

If all stays well then the Indian tv viewers may get to see their favourite Bollywood hero Salman Khan stripping on national television in order to break a world record for the show The Guiness World Records Ab India Todega.

Apparently Salman’s very good friend Preity Zinta is going to host the show which will be featuring Indian participants who will attempt to break as many world records possible. In order to increase the¬†viewership¬†of the show and encourage the participants

Preity has asked Salman to join her on the show as a participant who will attempt to break the record of ripping maximum number of shirts under a minute. The current world record stands at 14 shirts in a minute and Salman will be required to rip more than fourteen shirts in order to break the world record.

Also the channel which will be hosting the show is also keen to have Salman on board for this project as he has a following among the tv audience due to his Dus Ka Dum days. Talks are currently going on as the issue of dates is a major hurdle.

Lets hope we are graced with Salman’s presence once again on television.

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