Salman Khan turns good

Mumbai: The macho man of tinsel town, none other than Salman Khan has apparently decided to behave according to his age. From what we were able to find out, it seems that this sudden decision came after he was compared to a child regarding his way of acting. That is how he reached the conclusion of becoming more and more disciplined.

At the present moment, the Bollywood actor Salman Khan is working at the shooting of the film production called ‘Ready’ and he has managed to upset his co-workers because he is often late on the set or managed to arrive at the last possible moment each day. After being criticized several times he decided it was time for a change so he made it.

After this shift in the behavior of the super star from Bollywood, there are quite a few chance for the filming of the movie production to be finished a lot earlier than it was scheduled, as the actor is working very hard now to make it happen.

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