Salman Lends A Helping Hand To 400 Prison Inmates!

Uttar Pradesh: Salman Khan, who is known for his generous gestures and charities, this time lends his helping hand to prisoners in UP.

It has been reported that Being Human, Salman Khan’s charitable organization has decided to pay off the jail fine for about 400 jail inmates. These 400 prisoners belong to the state of UP. These prisoners have been languishing in different jails of UP despite completing their jail term.

Vijay Kumar Gupta, the IG of UP said that there are around 400 such prisoners in 63 different jails of UP. These prisoners have completed their jail term but are still serving additional term since they were not able to pay the fine due to their financial problems.

According to the Indian Penal Code, a convict found guilty of a crime has to pay certain amount as fine and serve a jail term. But if due to some reason the prisoner is not able to pay the fine, he will have to serve additional jail term.

Salman Khan who himself has served jail term, has now decided to help these prisoners. His foundation will have to submit around Rs 40 lakhs as the fine amount for around 400 prisoners. Salman’s foundation has already sent the written documents to the jail authorities. And the jail authorities have forwarded the letter to other local sections in order to issue no objection certificates. The jail authorities are taking all the necessary steps to free the prisoners as soon as possible.

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