Salman not welcomed in Jaipur

Jaipur: The brush Salman Khan has with the Bishnoi community is far from being over. The people in the Pink City of India have staged violent demonstrations against Salman before, and now they have done it again.

Jaipur recently held the Annual Marathon Race, 2011, and an of course Salman Khan has attended. The Bishnoi community has a long time quarrel with the actor, ever since the black buck case. The moment that the news came out that Salman will be in Jaipur to attend the race, the community started protesting.

Black flags were raised against the actor by the Bishnoi activists, who showed their angst with the actor daring to come to Jaipur, for any reason. The activists also raised slogans against the actor and against Bina Kak, the ruling tourism minister. Kak was held responsible for allowing an even supporting Salman, in spite of the actor being an endangered animal killer.

The minister’s resignation has been demanded, but there are too poor chances that will happen. Eleven activists are now held in custody.

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