Salman on Marrow Donar Registry

Salman Khan has made up his mind. Along with his “Being Human”, the famous Bollywood actor will be taking forward another noble cause and will sign his name on the Marrow Donar Registry of India.

Salman Khan is not on his first good deed. Everybody knows that the actor has helped many organizations and brought hope to many people. Salman is involved in different projects, and all he earns by selling his paintings (yes, Salman has this artistic talent) goes to those in need.

The actor also made an official request to all the people in India that those who can should go and donate blood and sign up in the register. Salman explained that it only takes fifteen minutes, and that all those who will come to donate will also be checked out, and MDIR will bear all the expenses which reach an estimated value of Rs. 8,000.

Salman is now resting after his performance at WAVE, where he accepted to be for free to support women getting educated.

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