Salman Opened Up: I do not play games but Sports

Salman Khan is no doubt a popular name in the movie industry that had lots of followers through out the country. Perhaps one of the notable roles he had played is beating up two bad boys in one of his advertisements.

Khan has said that he is not a game player rather he plays only sports. He was reacting to the mobile game which he played the role of beating two bad people. He said that he play different sports such as football, cricket. He said that he once played hockey, he is also a swimmer, and he is a table tennis player.

The mobile game will be launched today and the prices they would be sold is between Rs 30-99. The actual price would be determined by the service provider that one uses. He said that the aim of the mobile games is to reach to millions of fans adding that time has come to implement only the things that work. He said that it is also to keep people busy since most people do not know what else to do with the phones only to answer calls and drop it again. The phones are supposed to be busy adding that the way to keep the phone busy is to play games.

The chief executive of reliance officer said that the play of mobile games is one of the best ways of doing movies a position which Khan did not entirely agree. With the mobile movie Khan has delved into the production of animation movies which is a new trend now.

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