Sameer Soni wants Shweta to win Bigg Boss

Mumbai: Sameer Soni’s time spend in the Bigg Boss House has come to an end. Even though the actor did not make it to the end, thing for which he is very disappointed, he feels that his behavior in the show did not heart his image. He said that he believes he has conducted himself in a good way.

From all of the contesters in the TV reality show, Sameer bounded the most with Shweta Tiwari. Sameer finds her to be a really good friend, and believes that this is the reason for which she disserves to win the show.

In a recent interview, the former participant of the show said that this contest has been like a journey, in which he had the time of his life. He wanted to add that the participation in this reality TV show is harder than one could believe, but that it is totally worth it. Looking back on the entire show, Sameer Soni’s only regret is that he did not make it thru the finalists.

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