From Sangeeta Bijlani to Lulia Vantur, check out how many relationships did Salman Khan have

Salman Khan is one actor in Bollywood who has changed a lot in past few years. From being a superstar to proving himself to be a megastar and from changing his image of Bollywood’s bad boy to teaching the concept of ‘Being Human’, the Dabangg Khan has changed exponentially in this phase of his life. Not only he is a mentor to many in Bollywood, he is a life-saver for the needy. And one another change that we have seen in him is his take about equations and relationships. While he was quite vocal and public about his relationships a few years back, India’s (still) Most Eligible Bachelor has now taken a back seat. He guards his relationships now and just dodges the questions.

However, we, interestingly, saw the otherwise shy Salman introducing his lad love to his family recently. The occasion was the wedding ceremony of his baby sister, Arpita. Oh, so sorry! Sorry, not only did the Bhai of Bollywood introduce his new girl to his family, he also introduced his girlfriend to the guests present at the event. “Meet my girl,” is what Salman had said.

And so you wanna who this lucky girl is, right? Well, it’s non other than the Romanian beauty, Lulia Vantur. Yes, neither is it Elli Evram, nor there’s a chance for his ‘Kick’ co-star, Jacqueline Fernandez, it’s the very sexy, Lulia.

As claimed by our source, Salman is going quite strong with the girl and accepting the relationship in public was Salman’s hint of marriage being next on the cards, is what we think. But is it Salman’s first serious relationship? Or has been serious with his past girlfriends as well? We answer!

Well, Salman has surely thought of marriage in the past as well but the funny thing is that these ‘ideas’ couldn’t come to reality.


Check out the list of Salman’s ‘serious’ girlfriends here and how they inched towards marriage but never did

Sangeeta Bijlani


It is a well fact that Salman Khan dated Miss India 1980 in the starting of his career. While she was a beauty, Salman was India’s latest heartthrob. They were spotted at various events and Salman was quite vocal about this relationship as well. So serious was he about Sangeeta that the couple was inching towards marriage and Salman had declared the same in his family as well. But fate had some other plans for the couple and they split. What caused the split, nobody knows. But Salman was broken and Sangeeta went on to mattu ace Indian cricketer, Mohammad Azharuddin.

However, Sangeeta divorced Azharuddin recently and is close to the Khan clan. But marriage with Salman, that’s sadly not an option anymore.


Somy Ali



When Sangeeta and Salman split, Salman was quite heart-broken. He was single and heading towards depression. But that was when actress Somy Ali came into her life. An actress by profession, Somy comforted Salman and that was when their relationship strengthened. The couple was serious and Salman had made his mind to get married to the newbie actress soon. However, nothing happened next. Somy left Salman due to his excessive drinking habits and Salman felt betrayed again.

Somy is currently runs a clothing line under the name of So-Me Designs and is believed to be Salman’s inspiration for ‘Being Human’ as she too has a non-profit organisation, ‘No More Tears’.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


Salman’s relation with Aishwarya is one of the most talked-about relationships in Bollywood. The hotties met on the ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ and made their relationship public very soon. They were spotted at various events and everyone knew they were going to marry next. However, Aishwarya too walked away from Salman’s life for his abusive nature and the split was a very public one. Media covered everything wrong that Salman did to Aishwarya and labelled him the ‘Bad Boy of Bollywood’.

Aishwarya is now a Bachchan as he married Abhishek Bachchan in the year 2007 and they have a three-year old beautiful daughter as well.


Katrina Kaif


Salman Khan can easily be called an angel in Karina’s life. Though the lady debuted in Bollywood on her own, she was a flop one. While ‘Boom’, her debut movie, had bombed at the box-office, her career was going nowhere. Enter Salman! Salman was the guy who re-launched her in his home-production, ‘Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya’, and Katrina never looked back in her life again. The lady went on to give numerous hits and her closeness with Salman strengthen as time passed. They were spotted at almost every event together and the couple was close to getting married as well.

However, Katrina soon left Salman and went on to, allegedly, date Ranbir Kapoor. Reason for the split knows nobody and Katrina is still welcomed in the Khan-daan but there’s no chance of marriage of the ex-flames.


Lulia Vantur

Lulia Vantur came into limelight last year when her rumoured relationship with Salman Khan came into news. The duo was spotted at several occasions and everyone was speculating a growing closeness. But Salman always refuted such reports and the reports died their death. Though Lulia was seen in an item number in Salman’s home-production, ‘O Teri’, Salman bashed the reports of any relationships.

However, the hottest news coming from Arpita’s marriage, apart from Salman and Shahukh being coordinal at the event, is that Salman has declared her as ‘his girl’. Sources close to the family say that Salman is head-over-heels the Romanian beauty and it won’t be surprising if Salman’s bombs the news of marrying her soon.salman-iulia-vantur-marriage

So, Salman lovers, just hold your breathe. Bhai may be marrying soon. Wink! Wink!


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