Sanjay Datt joins Salman to team up for Bigg Boss 5.

The hot sought reality show has already been honored by big celebrities like Big B as its show how hosts. But this season it will not only have Salman but also Nargis’ blue boy Sanjay Datt.

Popularly known as Munna Bhai and famous for his Gandhigiri, Sanju Baba will tune with Sallu to make viewers enjoy the show to fullest extent.

Salman, who had hosted the show previously too stated that hotsing Big Boss with Sanjay will be more enjoyable as both of them will share their experiences with audience. This season will be more interesting for the Big Boss fans also because Sanjay will make his debut appearance on small scree.

The show has started airing Monday to Friday at 10: 30 pm and from Saturday to Sunday at 10 pm. The reason for airing the show so late is justified by Sallu as he said late evening, more viewers are free to watch the show so they can enjoy being with their favourite contestants as per their convenience, while lying in their sofa and having dinner.

Like always, the show has many celebrities as participants including Shakti Kapoor. Colors channel which is airing Big Boss chose this timing for the acclaimed reality show to catch maximum viewers. This claim seems more justified seeing the race among advertisers to catch up with Big Boss. The revenue generation from Big Boss is increasing day by day due to its growing popularity.

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