Sanjay Dutt says ‘no’ to tobacco ads

Mumbai: The well liked B-town actor Sanjay Dutt stated in a recent interview, that he is very much against performing in ads for tobacco, as he believes that such promo campaign can effect in a bad way the impressionable minds of young people and children.

Sources close to the actor have said that he has reached such a conclusion after he has received a large number of letters from doctor organizations where they explain the bad effect of tobacco. Still this rumors were not confirmed by official source, in fact the official version is that Sanjay Dutt has come to this conclusions on his one, and was not influenced by others.

It seems that even Sanjay Dutt is trying at the moment to stop smoking and he also wants to set a good examples for children. That is how he made the decision to stop promoting habits that are bad for one’s health. It seems that soon the Bollywood celebrity is going to take same action against his involvement in such promo campaigns.

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