Sanjay Dutt To Produce Film For Salman Khan

Mumbai: If you enjoyed the chemistry of Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan while hosting Big Boss Season five there is no reason why you will not like this news. Dutt has never made a secret of how fond he is of Salman and now there are reports that he is going to produce a feature film for one of his closest buddies in Bollywood.

A recent media report quoted Sanjay as saying that Salman and himself have been the best of friends for almost all their lives but have rarely worked together. He went ahead to state his desire to produce a movie with his “bhai” (Salman) in a leading role. Sanjay it seems is looking out for a subject and script at present. Since the movie is supposedly dedicated to Salman Sabjay wants to go with a script which suits the Dabangg Khan. The movie might be a romance, comedy or the typical bollywood masala mix.

What’s more Sanjay might not even act in the movie as an actor. Right now all he cares about is Salman liking the project and once that is done he will go ahead with finalizing other details like Music, lead actress, etc.

Seems Sanjay is becoming a bigger fan of Salman by the day. Lets see what movie he produces and whether it adds to his recent flop list after Rascals or not. Only time will tell.

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