Shah Rukh Khan to Get Back His Six-Pack Abs

Mumbai: Remember the last time Shah Rukh Khan showed his six-pack abs in a film and created a rage among youngsters? That was for dear friend Farah Khan’s blockbuster film ‘Om Shanti Om’. The actor will be seen in those six-packs again. But this time, not for the same friend.

Rohit Shetty’s upcoming film ‘Chennai Express’ will see the Badshah of Bollywood putting his six-pack abs to some good use. More than just a visual treat while singing and dancing (read, ‘Dard-e-Disco’), the actor’s abs will be better utilized to do some action stuff.

It is also reported that Khan is working hard overtime to get that brawny physique once again. Given the trend of films that Rohit Shetty makes, this film is also expected to be a mix of action and comedy. So King Khan wants to make sure that he does not disappoint audiences this time.

SRK is currently working in London on Yash Chopra’s much-awaited film with Katrina Kaif. He will shoot for ‘Chennai Express’ once he is back to India.

The last time SRK flaunted his six-pack abs, the nation went crazy! We will wait and watch if history repeats itself this time!

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