Shahid Kapoor escapes a major accident

Mumbai: Lucky break for the well liked Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor. You may find it hard to believe, but the actor has managed to escape a fatal accident during shooting. It seems that the fact in question took place on the sets of ‘Mausam’, which is also his father Pankay Kapoor’s
directional debut. From what we have been able to find out it appears that a Ferris wheel came hurling down towards the B-town actor and injured him, but not seriously. His only injury was in his arm, but the actor is expected to recover quite fast.

No need to say that the accident could have been fatal for the actor if he would not have avoided in time. The producer Sheetal Talwar said that “It was a nightmare for all of us. And I’d rather not talk about it. Miraculously, Shahid was saved. No, it wasn’t the whole Ferris wheel; just one of the boxes came loose.” He also wanted to add that the actor got medical assistance right away.

As you could expect, Shahid Kapoor’s father took quite a scare and was very concerned about his son. An official source from the set confirmed
that “Shahid is injured and has hurt his right shoulder and arm. But it could`ve been worse. If he hadn`t moved out in time his face would`ve taken the brunt. Pankajji just couldn`t move. He was transfixed staring at his son. Shahid kept assuring everyone he was fine until the doctor arrived.”

We have to say that it was in fact a lucky break for the popular B-town actor Shahid Kapoor. Happily, the actor managed to escape this major accident and everyone on the sets was relieved. As for the movie production ‘Mausam’, it’s worth mentioning that it stars the lovely Sonam Kapoor alongside Shahid Kapoor.

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