Shahid Turns Mausam Man

Are you sure you know a lot about the weather outside your window? Well, if you don’t then you can ask Shahid because the cast and crew of Mausam has decided to promote their new film in a different way. Of course, people are now trying different ways to promote their films and Shahid has decided the right way to promote his home production film which is directed by his father Pankaj Kapur. To promote Mausam Shahid has decided to become the weather man for the day and to work for one entire day with the MET department. Shahid-Kapoor-Mausam

Mausam is always in the news for their controversial trailer and now for the kind of promotion they are doing. Shahid Kapoor has decided that this will bring lot of awareness to the people as they will hear that Shahid has joined the MET department. The Indian Metrological Department which usually provides weather forecast to the people of India are happy to provide Shahid with one day job so that they can sit back and handle the routines behind him. Shahid will learn how to give the information to the various cities and even how to make weather forecasts.

This marketing move looks good but it looks like the only beneficiary here is Shahid as he learns more about the inside job of weather department. This is for the first time that Shahid is paired with Sonam and people are already appreciating their chemistry on screen. Some of the close sources of Pankaj Kapur have said that Mausam is very much a classic love story that has been seen earlier on Indian film cinema screen, but Pankaj Kapur adds more charm factor to it to make it more appealing to modern audiences. The director also said that the movie is not about weather but about different seasons of love.

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