Shahrukh Khan and the Doomsday prophecy

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

2012 has rung in but Bollywood is still unchanged. The 3 Big Khans- Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan, are still holding all the ace cards between themselves with a little of Hrithik and a bit of Ranbir thrown in. The holy trinity of the Khans is still ruling the roost and there seems to be no competition from the outsiders.

Talking of Shahrukh Khan, there are critics who are reading out the doomsday prophecy for him. In 2012, the world may or may not end, but SRK may inch closer to what, some say, is an impending closure of a long, nice Bollywood journey. With 2011 being a mixed sort of year, the alarm bells are certainly ringing.

While the fans are still showing their endless love for the King Khan, the critics & the media have begun to sharpen their knives. The much-talked about ‘RA One’ didn’t quite set the box office rolling despite being such an expensive film and despite such colossal amount of publicity. It’s true that it made over Rs 100 crore but the high-tech film that launched SRK as a superhero, couldn’t defeat Salman’s ‘Bodyguard’ at the box office. And the fact that the film didn’t quite live up to huge expectations, added fuel to the fire! The media went overdrive with a leading tabloid going on to brand the film as Shahrukh’s ‘midlife crises’. SRK, of course, laughed it off and with ‘Don 2’ proved that he still has the charisma.

Though the debate as to who is the current ruler of Bollywood is a futile, endless conversation, box office number is one reliable yardstick of measure. And on that standard, Shahrukh is trailing behind both Salman and Aamir. Aamir’s ‘3 Idiots’ and Sallu’s ‘Bodyguard’ are ahead and the aura of invincibility around Shahrukh (that was so evident in the earlier part of the decade) has now faded.

So, will 2012 bring his doomsday? Not really! With SRK getting back to his strengths (he’s doing a love story opposite Anushka Sharma & Katrina Kaif in a Yash Chopra flick), he may just overturn all these numbers and come out roaring like the real ‘King of the jungle’.


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