Shahrukh Khan enjoys Rs 300 crore

As the economy had gone bad, and Bollywood is not its highest peak, Shahrukh Khan is now the hope of Bollywood film producers. “Raavan” and “Flicks like Kites” did not manage to attract a crowd as massive as predicted. The box office results were disappointing, and thus the profit was too little to count.

SRK, as Shahrukh Khan is called, will guarantee the success of any film, as he still is one of the top three starts in India. The King bears the burden of bringing Bollywood back to its popularity and fame. As critics have stated, no less than Rs 300 crore have been designated for the purchase of Don 2 by Reliance Big Pictures. The new production is said to be extremely exciting, and will surely be the next hit Bollywood so desperately needs.

There appears to be, however, another funding proposal, and that means that the film might be sold to a third party. Of course, Shahrukh Khan is the one who will the decision.

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