Shahrukh Khan rules in Bollywood

As Bollywood item girl Neha Dhupia said that in Bollywood it seems that only sex and Shahrukh Khan sells, it seems that lately the well liked actor has enforced his position as king of the Bollywood entertainment industry. Recent news show that the Shahrukh Khan’s performance made in Dhaka sold over 30,000 tickets. The capacity of the arena on which he performed was filled by the audience.

Some newspapers in Bangladeshi did not appreciate well his performance, and called him the ‘king of vulgarity. Others accused the actor for smoking in public intentionally, just so that he could defy the authorities of Bangladeshi. Furthermore a top news paper publication in Bangladeshi also raised the question to the fact that the Bollywood super star was allowed to use the VVIP terminal at the airport, even thought in his country he does not have this privilege.

Even thought the reviews on that performance made by the Bollywood super star Shahrukh Khan were not all favorable the tickets to his shows always sell out.

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