Shahrukh Khan thinks he is labour class

Mumbai: Although everyone refers to him as the King, or the Badshah of Bollywood, the superstar recognized internationally for his talent, Shah Rukh Khan thinks of himself as labor class. This may seem shocking for everyone in India, but the actor is very modest and does not think as highly of himself as anyone else does.

What does the actor really mean by labor class, he explains himself in an interview. He said that he considers himself labor class because he likes to keep up an active, healthy lifestyle. According to his own sayings, he likes to work hard for his films, all day round, and even said that he is affected mentally when he does not have any work to do.

However, for some time now, the actor was slowed down by his own physics: his back has been giving him problems, not allowing him to work at the rate he was used to before. But it seems to be better now, and the superstar can go back to his old habits: work, work, work. Wonder how happy Gauri is about this.

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