Shahrukh Khan works hard

One of the popular and talented actors in the Bollywood entertainment industry, none other than the famous Shahrukh Khan has been working very hard these days in order to get his six packs back. The first that the well liked actor showed his six packs was in his debut picture called ‘Om Shanti Om’.

Everybody was very impressed by the actor and the way he looked. Viewers appreciated him, and he made the gossip columns in now time. Now he is once again working hard to get back in the same shape he was at the time of his debut film.

Shahrukh Khan is growing back his six packs for his much promoted movie ‘Ra One’. The movie is more than expected by all viewers, and it is going to be a highly sci-fi one. In a recent interview the Bollywood super star SRK has said that even though he will not be shirtless in the movie, he is indeed working hard to achieve the six packs. In the upcoming picture will also star Shahana Goswani and Kareena Kapoor.

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