Shahrukh says I love women

Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan loves company of women. Says the 45-year-old star actor in reply to a question asked by Preity zinta.

Shahrukh Khan said this during a chat show and revealed his desires. The actor wants to visit every country of the world and seduce all women.

Talking about RA.One he said he was told recently that the movie turned to be the most expensive in Bollywood.

He said his ultimate wish was to go to every country and woo women all the time by singing special songs to them.

Shah Rukh is a very romantic guy and never leaves an opportunity to express this fact. He exaggerated by saying that he hates men and loves women only.  He wants to be surrounded by women always in his life if possible.

The actor also emphasized about his protective attitude about the women in his life and can not tolerate any thing offensive against them. Talking about himself as a Delhiite, Shahrukh Khan stated that, people of Delhi are very protective about the women they love and can go to any extent to protect them and their dignity. He mentioned that he had broken many teeth in his youth while fighting over women’s dignity.

The actor further revealed that he also wanted an open-air jeep and a good pair of denim jeans, sneakers and perfumes in his wish list and added a guitar in his hand. With this attire he wanted to seduce women all around the world.

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