Siddharth’s coming of age

A slim, thin young boy all of 24 made a dashing debut with Shankar’s Boys with the bubbly and vivacious Genelia. Having a graduate in Commerce from Kirori Mal in Delhi and a management degree from SP Jain Mumbai, who would have imagined that this young boy would make it big in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu industry all at the same time? He is Siddharth for you.

Assisting the legendary Mani Ratnam on Kannathil Muthamittal as a director, all of 21, he auditioned on the request of the script writer Sujatha for Boys and since there has been no looking back for this great actor.

Currently riding high on the success of his maiden production venture Love Failure a.k.a Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi, which is ruling the box office, Sidharth seems to be enjoying his role as a producer and has done a commendable job. The rumours of the rift between him and the female protagonist Amala Paul does not seem to bother him. He is out in full vigour to promote his film across Bengaluru.

Whther Hindi, Tamil or Telugu, the actor has always been acclaimed for the work he has been doing. His claim to fame in Bollywood is undoubtedly the character of Sidharth he portrayed in Rang De Basanti which showed the immense talent the lad possesses. What followed was Striker another film which showed that South actors can do well in Bollywood also. Although the film was not received well at the box-office, Siddharth’s role was applauded.

Speaking on his role as a producer he says that Love Failure’s success means the world to him. It also means more hard-work and more movies.

Speaking on how he plans to expand Etaki Entertainment, he adds that the intent is to make good movies which will not be run of the mill, yet will entertain and engage audiences just like Love Failure did.

With so many feathers in the cap for him, this added one will be special even more to him. Wishing Siddharth all the best for everything.

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