SRK Agrees To Be Brand Ambassador of West Bengal

Kolkata: Often engaged in different sorts of bandhs, Bengal is now all set to get a brand ambassador of its own, it may be the answer to the state of Gujarat, which has hired Amitabh Bachchan as a brand ambassador of tourism, sports and culture. Ever since the chief minister of West Bengal has invited the king khan to inaugurate the film festival in Kolkata last November, it has been a matter of discussion about the Badshah to hold the position of advertising tourism, sports and culture of west Bengal.

One of the officials of the chief minister said that the discussion related to the topic was held when Shahrukh Khan visited Kolkata during film festivals. As an owner of Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL, Shahrukh Khan has gained a huge data base of fans round the state. Thus a lot of expectation has been hoped from him. In a letter addressed to the chief minister sharukh Khan has mentioned that he considers Kolkata as his second home and he is very excited to do the job.

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