SRK and Ash nominated at Golden Kela

Mumbai: For those that still do not know, the Golden Kela Awards are the equivalent of the American Razzies Awards, that are granted to the actors for their less than perfect acting skills. This B-town ceremony, which is like the younger brother of the Hollywood one, is already at its third edition. Since its first year the awards were quite a hit amongst viewers who get to choose the actors that have had the worst performances in movie productions.

The ‘winners’ at the Golden Kela Awards are chosen bases on the public poll every year. The past year, the one that got the award was Abhishek Bachchan for his terrible American accent in the film Delhi 6. But to the surprise of the mass media, the actor id present himself to receive the trophy. This year it seems that his lovely wife Aishwarya Rai has also nominated for the worst character recompenses, alongside actor Shahrukh Khan. The one film that managed to escape the nomination list is the super hit Dabangg starring Salman Khan.

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