SRK and Leonardo DiCaprio to work together

Mumbai: We have interesting news to report to you. It seems that it is official, the Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan and the Hollywood super star Leonardo DiCaprio are going to work together in the movie production called Xtrme City. From what we were able to find out, the film will be a collective venture made by SRK and the well liked Martin Scorsese.

Paul Schrader is the one who will be directing the movie. His prior work includes Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. As for the script of the picture, is seems that Schrader and Mushtaq Sheikh – a close friend of Shahrukh Khan – will be in charge of it.

Apparently Martin Scorsese has been trough the script and was quite pleased with it and Mushtaq has confirmed this to us. A while back there were quite a few rumors about this venture between Leonardo DiCaprio and SRK, but until now they were not confirmed. We have to say that this upcoming venture of the B-town super star is looking quite promising.

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