SRK and Sallu do not want to call a truce

Mumbai: we have to say that there is no secret to anyone the permanent disagreement that is between the two stars Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. If the first is called the Bollywood Baadshah, the adder is considered to be the hunk of tinsel town. Either way, the distance between them two has started growing more and more each day that goes by.

There is defiantly no hope of calling a truce, as the two actors from the B-town industry are more and more going at each other. Although there have been quite a few attempts to put an end to this war, none of them was successful. In the end, the two famous Khans of the film industry have considered that it is best to stay away one from each other.

Not even when actor Aamir Khan, a close friend to them both, has made an attempt to bring them together, King Khan and Sallu did not want to bury the old hatchet of war. So the war goes on.

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