SRK, Anushka, Ranbir and Rahman Stuck In London

London is very much in the news these days for the kind of events that are happening. The London riots have very much surprised people all over the world because it’s hard to know that Londoners are behaving in such rioting manner. In one of the recent news it was confirmed that A R Rahman, SRK, Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma were all there in London for an unveiling event for a motorcycle brand. However, at the same time riots were taking place in various parts of London and soon police came into action and shutdown one part of the city completely. 

The news spread like fire and soon the celebrities found out what was happening outside O2 where they were performing along with Boris Baker and David Coulthard. Shahrukh Khan, A R Rahman and Ranbir showed no signs of panic at all they kept entertaining the masses, but Anushka definitely had a panic attack. However, it was Ranbir who decided to calm down Anushka and made sure that she was happy till she reached her hotel room.

Shailendra Singh, the event organizer from Percept Ltd. said that they were able to make this event a success but there were chances that the event could have met close shave with the rioters. He further added that they completed the event on time and all celebrities including Shahrukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Ranbir Kapoor and A R Rahman were out of the stadium and in hotel room on time. This would be certainly a close call for the Indian celebrities as the rioters would have created a lot of mess if the show would have lasted few minutes longer and it would have created more news across the globe as there were many people present in the O2 enjoying the event live.

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