SRK grooves with Shakira

New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan has a very active life and a most exciting career. We all have seen the King perform with some of the most famous and well respected artists in the world. But the actor still has many projects in mind for the future and will be collaborating with different big stars, from Hollywood and beyond. Shah Rukh’s career could not be more envied in Bollywood.

Well, the latest buzz is that the King will be grooving with none other than the sexy Latin sensations, the singer Shakira. She will be singing and dancing with Shah Rukh in a new video, for the Kolkata Knight Riders. We know that SRK is a fan of Shakira, so we can only imagine how excited the actor must be right now thinking that he will be soon in front of the cameras with her.

Shakira also appears to like Shah Rukh. When he approached her with this new project, she accepted immediately, without any hesitations. The shootings will start as soon as the King wraps up “Don 2”.

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