SRK in China

As every knows, in the last few decades, there weren’t many Bollywood film releases in China. In fact, ‘My Name is Khan’ is the first movie from the Bollywood film industry to be shown in China in the last thirty years. The only reason for this happening is the immense popularity of the actor, who is very well liked in that particular Asian country.

It seems that the Bollywood super star Shah Rukh Khan is one of the Bollywood personalities to have quite a large number of fans in China. It is common knowledge that despite of the continually changing Bollywood scenery, SRK continues to be one of the top popular figures in the country, but also over borders.

The actor is not popular only in China, but also in many other countries such as UK, Germany, and the entire Far East, but also in some other parts of Europe. Even more, as prove of its success, the movie of Karan Johar has managed to find open markets since February until December 2010.

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