SRK interested in Sourav Ganguly

Mumbai: the ex Indian skipper who used to lead King Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders in the last editions, three to be exact was not after all sold in the recent IPL bidding. The person in question is none other than the super star Sourav Ganguly. Fans all over the country have been very taught on the owner regarding the exclusion from the bidding of Sourav Ganguly.

The owner of the team named Kolkota Knight Riders, Shahrukh Khan stated that a team in Kolkota in not at all possible without the player Sourav. King Khan said in a recent interview that “I would love it. I would love Sourav to be an integral part. You don’t have a team in Kolkata without him”.

Shahrukh Khan also wanted to add that he will have a conversation with Ganguly but also to his team. He will do his best to take him, as he was not sold at the last IPL bidding held recently. At this bidding, the player did not manage to get any buyers.

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