SRK, Vidya Balan and Hugh Jackman on stage

Mumbai: recently, at an event held in Mumbai, the international super star High Jackman made quite a comment. He said that from now on, he should be called ‘Jack bhai’. The celebrity felt right at home given the solace which the X-men star oozed. During the FICCI Frames motion pictures event held on Friday evening, we saw quite an interesting item number.

The ones doing it were none other than the B-town actors Shahrukh Khan, Vidya Balan and the international super star Hugh Jackman. There is no need to say that from the first moment that the super star Jackman set foot on stage, the audience went wild. He and his lovely wife made their entry in adulation. We have to say that the ladies were especially pleased by the presence of Hugh at the event. Plus the number he did with the Bollywood celebrities, was also in the centre of attention.

We have to say that the presence of Hugh Jackman at the event was indeed a smashing success.

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