Starry Scuffles

Saif Ali Khan’s assault at an NRI Businessman at the Taj on Tuesday is not a one off case. In most of cases stars have been involved in fights with common public if not then other celebrities.

This is not the first time when such an incident has happened. Several times in the past, stars at the peak of their career have involved themselves into un-necessary controversies which have left a dark spot on their career. While some claim that stars do this for cheap publicity, the real truth can be answered only by the stars themselves.

Stars are seen as role models and have a huge fan following, but incidents like these are truly uncalled for. Bollygraph lists out the most infamous and unknown brawls stars have had with public and stars themselves.

Indian Idol Season 1 winner Abhijit Sawant and his fellow mate Prajakta Shukre got into scuffle with pedestrians when the former rammed his Audi into a scooter in November 2010. Apparently a few drinks became too much for the star and could not be saved being beaten inspite having “CONTACTS” as he said.

Actor  Zayed Khan bashed up two NRI’s from New Zealand when they tried to gate crash close friend Esha Deol’s  birthday party at Athena Mumbai in 2004. The star has made headlines for everything except his success at the box office.

Who cannot forget the Shahrukh Salman fight which continues even now? The incident dates back to 2011 when Salman was partying with then girlfriend Katrina. Shahrukh who came with wife Gauri had turned down a guest role in Salman’s Main Aur Mrs. Khanna which miffed the actor and he made comments on SRK’s show Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hai which miserably bombed on the small screen. SRK was quick to retaliate and commented on Salman’s relationship with Aishwarya Rai which miffed Salman even more leading to a huge brawl. Even good friend Aamir Khan who was present could do nothing.

All said, stars have become famous more for such news than their successes and probably the next time they take a keen eye to step in public all they need to remember is that the public have brought them to a position where they are and a sense of discipline would surely help.

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