Sunny Deol’s voice – mater of copyrighting

Sunny Deol is one of the biggest Bollywood celebrities, and he has proven that throughout his entire career. He is a star because he proved he possesses excellent acting skills, has an interesting look, and was loved by the audience ever since his first film. But this is not all he has shown to the public throughout the years. The thing that most stands out at Sunny Deol is his incredible, strong voice.

A while back, rumors spread that a famous Bollywood celebrity is going to get his voice copyrighted. Amitabh Bachchan was that star, and he decided to do so in order to prevent certain legal issues.

Now, it is Sunny Deol who is going to do the same. The actor will be following suit and get his voice copyrighted. The release of his latest film, “Yamla Pagla Deewana” is now closing up and Sunny’s vocals will be protected by copyrighting laws, as Bollywood Hungama states. This will happen as soon as the film will be released.

At the moment, Sunny Deol is busy with the promotion of his newest film.

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