The Devgn family, all together at Mumbai International Airport

New Delhi: An absolutely adorable given to us the other day was the first public appearance of Ajay and Kajol with their two children, her daughter Nysa and her new born baby son Yug. The four were spotted at the Mumbai International Airport. The happy family was returning from their vacation in Bangkok, Wednesday night.

Since his birth, in September last year, Yug has not been seen leaving his residence. The family was all together, Kajol holding her little baby, while Nysa was seen holding the hand of her father, Ajay.

The lovely image was one we will all remember, showing just how happy the members of the Devgn family are together. This was indeed a sight we were very eager to see, as they have hardly been seen together, even before the birth of the youngest member of the family, Yug.

We do hope we will be getting the chance to see the four of them together once more soon enough, as this is one perfect family we would like to keep in our hearts.

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