The New Rajiv Khandelwal

Mumbai: The guy who started from the small screen television world and climbed his way up to the Bollywood tiers is again making the news. Rajiv Khandelwal who used to be a television actor in the small screen was first seen in the movie ‘Aamir’ which did great work in gaining popularity for the actor and as well as the movie. He belongs to the very few people who have actually fulfilled their dream of achieving the Bollywood status from a television life.

Recently, Rajiv Khandelwal, who is known for his experiments with himself, was seen in a totally new look. He has totally changed himself from the way he looked earlier. He has taken this new look for his next movie ‘Will You Marry Me’ in which he is acting along with Mughda Godse. The movie also has Sheyas Talpade and Jacqueline Fernandez sharing screen. In a picture of Rajiv Khandelwal from this movie, Rajiv is looking real sweet and his role will definitely be good if you go by his looks.

The actor was asked that does he plans these changes and experiments in advance to which he said that he never plans thing beforehand and always does thing on his own. He says he always just follows his heart.

Rajiv is also well known for his reality show that showcased in a popular television channel and the show was called ‘Sach Ka Samna’. It was a daring reality show and had a long record of controversies attached to it but Rajiv managed to give the show a sensational wave of popularity by his talent in hosting the show. Rajiv was recently seen again in ‘Sach Ka Samna 2’ and his latest movie released was a musical drama ‘Soundtrack’. All the wishes to the actor with his new look and upcoming movies.

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